Angel Haze - Cleaning Out My Closet

""Hi, this is me, I have scars to show you." The 20-year-old rapper Angel Haze begins talking casually about the most raw, unflinching song she has written but her words soon pour out, as though she has practised them in her head for years. "When I listened back, I felt disgusted. I wanted everyone to feel that. It was good that they felt it, because it was fucking wrong. […]" Quietly uploaded to her Soundcloud account last October, Cleaning Out My Closet – a version of the Eminem track of the same name – tackles the sexual abuse Haze endured between the ages of seven and 10. She spares the listener nothing: the graphic details of what happens to her body, the fury and trauma that run through her mind. Redemption comes at the end, but not before you’re left physically reeling. "There are people who go through this shit every day, and people turn a blind eye," says Haze. "They’re too scared to say what happened to them. To make people feel uncomfortable." Of all the responses she has had, the ones she treasures most are from fellow survivors." [x]



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